Drainage Repair

When we think of drainage repair, we may often think of sewer lines. However, when it comes to foundation drainage repairs, it mainly refers to any system that diverts water away from a building’s foundation. This includes not only drainage systems but also advance systems that may run under the foundation as well. Without drainage systems, the soil supporting most buildings will begin to give way causing the structure to become unlevel and be shifted off its beams. Never underestimate the importance of a business or homes drainage system and the vital role it plays in protecting a building.

Foundation Problems

If a buildings drainage system is not doing its job right, then you will begin to notice foundation problems soon after. After a massive rainfall if you see standing water less than 10 feet from your home, then you may want to consider foundation drainage repair. Repairs can be made to an old drainage system to improve flow. However, if no repairs can be made, then we recommend having a new drainage system installed all together to prevent any future foundation damages. Repairing a drainage system is one of our more painless services and don’t require long construction times for repairs to be finished.


One thing that can happen to a buildings drainage system is backflow. This usually occurs when mud, soil, or loose leaves have made their way into your drainage pipes clogging the system altogether. Clogs are typically quick and relatively painless to deal with and usually only need a day for repairs to be made. One danger that can happen is backflow can cause your drainage system to rupture, causing water and other liquids to leak under the foundation of the building. If this occurs, more extensive repairs may be needed, such as concrete repairs or releveling of the foundation.


One drawback that is often overlooked is the possible smell that can come with a broken drainage system. Whether the liquids are leaking out or if only the smell of all the debris is. The scent can often be a deterrent for any potential guests or customers that may frequent the building. This is also a scent you can’t quickly get rid of with a little air freshener. Until repairs are made, the smell will remain until the drainage system is repaired or unclogged. If you begin to notice a foul a scent and are unaware where it may be coming from, check your drainage system right way for any potential problems.

Concrete Cracking

Even with proper surface drainage, there is still a slight chance that water may flow underneath the surface of a concrete foundation. When this occurs, it can cause cracking and shifting, causing the foundation to become unlevel from its previous point. Properly maintaining and having your commercial buildings or homes drainage system inspected will ensure that not only is concrete cracking kept to a minimum, but also that repairs don’t pile up unexpectedly over time.