​Pier and Beam Repair

Aside from concrete slabs that support most buildings pier and beams foundations are often the second most used foundation. This is when a concrete grade beam is placed around the perimeter of the structure and is elevated off the ground creating a crawl space where it supported by parallel wooden beams. The crawl space is often used to store the pipes that make up the plumbing of the building. One benefit is that this does make your plumbing more accessible, but it also brings with it all the potential damages that come with wooden materials.

Block and Base Repair

One variation of a pier and beam foundation is a block and base foundation. These are often found in wood-framed houses, where they sit on top of masonite blocks that are placed the soil directly. If the floors in the building begin to feel less stable or if doors start to stick that may signal foundation problems when it comes to block and base foundations. Reshimming, readjustments, or a complete releveling of the building may be needed to fix the problem. Homes and businesses are only meant to withstand a certain amount of time and foot traffic. Too much of either can cause problems to appear quicker than usual if repairs aren’t done immediately.

Crawl Space

A crawl space is created when a pier and beam foundation is used. One of the many benefits that come with a crawl space is potentially extra storage. Although this not recommended, it also provides easy access to the plumbing of the building. Along with access to the buildings electrical wiring and heating and cooling systems as well. One downside is that since all the “guts” of a building are exposed. Any water damage caused by flooding or busted pipes is a genuine threat. That can affect the foundation of the building if not dealt with quickly.

Wood Replacements

Nothing lasts forever, and wooden construction materials are especially no exception. Overtime rot can develop due to moisture, or harmful insects such as termites can damage the wooden beams supporting your home. When the wooden girder beams (the beams supporting the wooden joists) are damaged or rotted. The girder beams and the smaller beams that run horizontal to them need to be replaced. If not dealt with quickly, foundation repair costs can vary a great deal depending on the amount of wood affected. To minimalize repair costs, make sure that wooden beams are replaced regularly to prevent any future repairs.

Ventilation Improvements

When pier and beam repairs are all set and done, you can benefit from not only a peace of mind but also from improved ventilation throughout your home. With improved ventilation, moisture will build up less quickly around the joists of the wooden beams supporting the house. This prevents rot and moisture that invites unwanted insects that could cause potential harm. Improved ventilation will also cause the living areas above the crawl space to feel cooler than previously. We can also help you to fix drainage issues.