Shops and businesses are not immune to foundation repairs. Slab repairs, floor leveling, and foundation cracks can cause significant damage to unsuspecting companies. Regularly inspecting your building for repairs is recommended annually, or whenever a significant storm or water leak is thought to have caused damage to the foundation of the structure. Not doing so may lead to the building being shut down, when if caught sooner repairs could have been minimal and done during or around business hours. Overall, when it comes to commercial foundation repairs, they are one expense you do not want to overlook, especially when damages start to appear.

Foundation Inspections

A building’s foundation is an essential component when it comes to the structural integrity of a home. One side of a foundation can show signs of leveling issues while the others appear normal causing most owners to neglect repairs before symptoms appear on all sides. However, once this occurs usually it’s too late and structural damage has already set in. Regularly inspecting the foundation of the building will ensure that precautions are taken before any corners begin to shift, and cracks start to appear. Make sure to examine the foundation of your building, or serious leveling issues can cause significant damages to your wallet. Don’t forget to ask our professionals about a free foundation repair estimate today!

Concrete Slab Leveling

Consisting of a flat horizontal surface concrete slabs covers the bottom of most modern buildings; concrete slabs support the bulk of weight distributed throughout the building. However, over time water damage and soil erosion can cause the concrete slab helping the structure to shift, leading to interior and exteriors cracking and damage. In extreme cases, even the floors inside the building can break and can become uneven; this is extremely dangerous. Because the uneven floors can cause people to trip and fall and cause objects to fall that were once previously stable. If you notice uneven floors and cracks in the walls, consider hiring a professional for concrete slab leveling before anything worse begins to happen.

Structural Damage

Structural damage can manifest itself in a variety of different ways, from cracks in the walls of the building to uneven floors and rot. When the joints of the structure begin to rot, you may notice small cracks start to appear on the side of most buildings. This may indicate that the building may give been pushed off its previous footing. Diligent landowners will notice jarring windows and doors as well. This is also caused by leveling issues causing the doors and windows to not close correctly. Structural damage can be one of the highest costs to a business, and with a new company, most of the time the costly repairs can’t be afforded unless caught early on.

Cracked Concrete

Not only is the concrete supporting your business important, but so is the concrete surrounding your building! From parking lots to sidewalks, and walkways if any cracks or potholes start to appear. Professional concrete pouring can be utilized to patch and repair any damages. More people judge a building by its infrastructure than you think. Neglect to repair any cracks or holes around your property will go noticed and will be reported by customers. Prevent any lawsuits or injuries today by making sure the concrete surrounding your property is also maintained. We can also help you to install the new gutter.