Concrete Repair

Concrete slabs or foundations support the majority of modern buildings today. However, not everything is impervious to time or the weather. Over time water damage and the thawing, a refreezing of ice in micro-cracks within the concrete. Can cause damages over time leading to leveling issues and cracks starting to form on the walls of your business or residence. Make sure to regularly have the foundation of your home or company inspected to ensure that no concrete repairs are needed. Prevention is the best form of treatment in this case, and once damages start to appear, they can be challenging to reverse without extreme repairs.

Concrete Slabs

Ground-bearing slabs are an industry term referring to the ground-based concrete slabs that support most buildings. Cracks will start to appear on the walls and doors and windows will refuse to close correctly, signaling that concrete repairs may be needed. Refusal to do so will cause further leveling issues, even causing the soil underneath to give way potentially putting the whole building in harm’s way. If you suspect the concrete slabs supporting the building you are in are beginning to crack, it is up to you to seek out concrete repairs.

Driveways & Parking Lots

Aside from the concrete supporting most homes and businesses, the second biggest concrete repair comes in the form of driveway and parking lot fixes. Cracks in the concrete can lead to uneven floors causing some people to trip and fall while potholes in the parking lot could seriously damage vehicles driving along the pathways. The last thing most home or business owners need is another medical bill that isn’t their own to worry about. When cracks and holes start to appear, concrete repairs are the only thing that can fix the problem when it comes to uneven driveways and parking lots.

House Raising

Ever imagined owning the home from UP? If so, we may not be able to get you to the clouds, but we can get you home off the ground a few feet with house raising. House raising is the process of temporarily raising a home with hydraulic jacks for concrete or structural relocations services to take place. However, when it comes to concrete repairs house raising makes it a whole lot easier to reach the concrete slabs underneath your home, and even potentially the ones supporting the upper floors of the structure.


Cracks can appear on your walls, in your driveway and even on your floors when concrete repairs are needed. Now, although we may not be able to fix the cracks on your walls, we sure can fix the concrete cracks anywhere else! Catching and then filling said cracks will prevent any other damages and costs from popping up. Concrete repairs, although come around few and far between and are essential to maintaining a building. Even if may not see the crack concrete repairs also fill the micro-cracks that form when initial construction took place. Making sure that not only are cracks repaired, but cracks in the near future are also dealt with.